We are the best in Coffee, Wine, Pastries and Food

"Ocafe Gulu will serve you coffee from our medium roast beans so that you get the right shot of caffeine all the time.

Life is too short for a bad coffee. Enough is enough!"


Tasty Coffee


Assorted Pastries


Delicious Food.

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October 2016

Gulu Blue Sky Over Ocafe Gulu

October 2016

Fine Wine Collection

October 2016

Pan-seared chicken drumstick /h3>

October 2016


October 2016

Coffee Maker

July 2015


October 2015

Pure Coffee

January 2016

Our team

We have a team of passionate and warm staff that provide professional services with a smile.

Paul Mutanga

Managing Director


Operations Manager.


Executive Chef


Finance Manager

Customer reviews

"O Cafe @ocafegulu is excited to go with @imarafrican @abanajam up to the sky with the best for our clients all the time. No more random stuff."

Paul Mutanga, CEO

"We are searching for a reliable supplier of imported #Cheddar and #Mozzarella cheese in #Kampala for @ocafegulu. Inbox or send a PM with your details"

Paul Mutanga, CEO

"We can at least wish you a good week as we prepare to serve you the best coffee drinks. @imarafrican @abanajam"

Paul Mutanga, CEO

"Forget those random off the shelf products. @ocafegulu serves only the best. Visit us on Gulu Plaza, Plot 3, Jinnah Road, Next to Diana Garden, in Gulu to experience."

Paul Mutanga, CEO

"O Cafe Gulu is located on the first mix-use building in #Gulu & @ocafegulu is the biggest tenant with more than 500 square meters of floor space. A lot is happening behind closed doors. God has made it possible."

Steven Johnson, CEO


Ocafe Gulu.

Gulu Plaza, Plot 3, Jinnah Road, Next to Diana Garden.
Gulu, Northern Uganda

Email: orders@ocafegulu.com
Tel. +256 789 088 555

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Ocafe Gulu is located on Gulu Plaza, Plot 3, Jinnah Road, Next to Diana Garden, Gulu - Northern Uganda.
Send us and email at orders@ocafegulu.com or call on Tel. +256 789 088 555